About Bruce

Hello dear couple or single woman!


My Alias is Bruce. I volunteer as a sperm-donor willing to inseminate you, who want intelligent children. I live in the very south of Fuerteventura, Morrojable where you can visit me for insemination. It is a very sunny nice place, more protected from the wind by the mountains, especially interesting for the winter season.

There are no sperm banks here in Fuerteventura. My sperm is given for altruistic reasons. By making my own insemination page I can probably give you much better quality with less costs and also make your pregnancy happen on a realxed island in the sun.

This is my gift to you. Donations to me are accepted, but I really do this out of altruistic reasons. If you decide to donate out of gratitude you can do so, but I will not ask for any donation or even expect any donation.

The reason is that all of us in this world need good children in the future and when I am talking about good I mean in all aspects. Creativity, IQ, memory, deep understanding and ability of altruism and doing the right thing for the coming generations.

I also want to keep in contact with you to make sure everything is ok and give the child the opportunity to contact his/her biological parent when adult to avoid “children of strangers“.

For myself it is also a good idea to do it this way because of practical reasons, not living close to a sperm bank, but also emotional reasons, staying away from big polluted cities, wanting a more natural environment and wanting intimate details of my life to be secret. This I realized when reading this article.

University education.
Occupation: In the field of medicine.

Thinking capacity: I have outstanding level of thinking capacity. I can solve the hardest tasks needing ability to put knowledge together. I am not only a good chess player. In school I always solved the things that all people with highest grades failed to solve. This takes not only high IQ but also creativity and I have it. Most do not have both. I do.

Exterior: Personally I do not feel that it is so important but I am happy with my exterior. I am Caucasian, have blue eyes, blond hair as young, darker as adult. I have a medium brown skin that loves to be in the sun about two hours a day in this tropical sun, using a natural sun tan lotion.

You will probably think I am good looking. About eight on a scale of ten according to previous girlfriends. I am 173 cm tall.

Personality: Outgoing. Leader. Courageous. Listening. Analytic. Want to understand things deeply before I act. Effective.

Emotional: Relaxed, happy, altruistic and caring.

Children: They love me and I love them. I am a good teacher and can easily recall the things I learned. I am like a living lexicon for kids. So far 3 sucessful inseminations out of 9.

Property: I buy as little as possible for practical reasons.
I love to travel to remote tropical locations for longer periods. Now I have been in Fuerteventura for 2 years.

Sexuality: High ability, but less drive. Have more drive for hugs and cuddling. So far 100% heterosexual. Natural insemination is definitely not the idea because I try to live as much as I can in celibacy because I feel happier that way emotionally, but if sex happens I use condom. However, my intention is to only help with artificial insemination.

Politically: Ecological Protectionist Democratic Socialist

Religious: New Atheism

Philosophical: I believe we should all read texts and quotes from different philosophers and consider them critically and apply them to our lives if we agree with them and act upon what we believe is the right thing to do. I do.

Musical: I have a good ear for music, very good hearing and play the guitar occasionally to relax or make others happy. I especially like to play and sing this song.

Eyesight: Sharp. 1.3

Blood type: B-

Strength: Naturally high.

Physical condition: Very healthy. Strong immune-system .

For contact, post a comment below using a registered WordPress-account!

Best regards


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